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Getting YOU dialed-in with the perfect board... its pretty much what we do.

The models below are simply guides. Just contact us and we’ll ask all the right questions to nail your custom board. Hand-shaped, colored, and glassed by master board-builder, Jim Dunlop.

What our customers say

  • Our entire quiver is filled with Fluid Surfboards, and with good reason. When you've got an extraordinarily talented designer who happens to be a kick-ass surfer, teamed up with the most innovative shaper who's been building boards for our conditions since before we were babes, you gotta surf Fluid boards—it's a no-brainer! Fluid has changed the way we surf, period. Oh, and the swag is tight, so I am happy to rep it everywhere I go!
    Jack & Michelle Carter, Beaches Fitness Entrepreneurs

Jack rippin’ Wilderness, PR on 6’2″ epoxy thruster.

Jamie in Nica on a 5’11” epoxy quad.

Kimbo at Typhoon Lagoon on 6’6″ epoxy round-tail thruster. Photo by Surfdog.

Justin holding strong in PR on his 6’3″ epoxy twin.